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Vela Esports provides you a platform to play esports with your favourite BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA mobile games. You can show your skills via fighting with other players. You can join any contest of your liking and of your desired time. As a true core gamer you will be competing with some of the best players of India and also can win exciting cash prizes.


The Free Fire esports tournaments are suitable for professional or expert players who will compete with multiple teams and get money after winning. So, if you are also one of the esports enthusiasts and wish to devote your time to online gaming while gaining exciting rewards, consider participating in real-time Free Fire tournaments on Vela Esports. Here you can show your skills via fighting with other players.



Ludo is one of the most popular Indian board games that you can now play on Vela Esports. The rules and the aim of the game are similar to that of the physical board game. However, with the online version, there are a few additional modes for more fun.. Like - Ludo CP & Ludo Quick.


The primary goal of Snakes and Ladders is to move from one square to the last square on the board in order to be the first player to reach the end (100). Since there are several boards that wrap back and forth, moving from left to right around the first row, then toward the second and then from right to left, is possible. Follow the numbers you roll out as you throw the dice in order to advance on the board. Snakes and Ladders on the Vela Esports app is extremely easy and seamless to play and is perhaps one of the most popular board games to indulge with family and friends.


Online carrom game is similar to the traditional carrom board game with a few twists and turns. The game can be played in freestyle or professional mode. Almost all the rules in online carrom are the same as offline, and it allows you to connect with other players across the globe. That's not it. You can win exciting prizes by playing carrom online.

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